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Media Hit: DCCK and DoorDash Serving Seniors

We’re thrilled to share a great news story about one of our newest food security solutions. For almost 2 years, DC Central Kitchen and DoorDash have been teaming up to […]

Cultivating Connections that Transcend the Kitchen

At DC Central Kitchen, our work extends far beyond providing meals. We build communities, forge connections, and create opportunities for growth. Through our programs and volunteer opportunities, individuals from diverse […]

35 Years of Relentless Incrementalism

Thirty-five years ago today, a young nightclub manager named Robert Egger recovered his first trays of leftover food from the Presidential Inauguration and used that surplus to provide critical meals […]


Darrin is pictured on the right, left, and with his cook-off team in the images above This is a first-person account from Darrin M., a member of DC Central Kitchen’s […]