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>DC Central Kitchen

We develop innovative social ventures to break the cycle of hunger and poverty

Community Meals

Every day with the help of dedicated volunteers, we transform 3,000 pounds of otherwise wasted food into 5,000 healthy meals for our community. These aren’t simply bags of donated groceries or crates of canned goods – they’re real meals, made by hand by graduates of our Culinary Job Training program who now work for us full-time at living wages. We then put these meals onto our fleet of trucks and deliver them to more than 80 partner agencies in the Washington metropolitan area, including homeless shelters, rehabilitation clinics, and after-school programs.

Our Impact Last Year

3.2 million meals

prepared for local shelters, nonprofits, and
public schools

1,000,089 pounds of food

recovered from grocery stores, farms, and other sources to prepare our meals

Over $3.7 million

saved by nonprofits who no longer need to prepare meals for their clients

Contact Information

Crystal Nicholas, Partnership Program Manager