DC Central Kitchen presents our latest annual report, with highlights and success stories from the year.





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Shout out to @markbergel and @awidercircle for helping our Culinary Job Training students get ready for job interviews! https://t.co/831Q4FJ9YL
4 hours ago
Shout out to all our #volunteers during this chilly week including this awesome team from @USDA! We were so glad to have you join us! https://t.co/nhQndrrf8P
4 hours ago
RT @NRDCFood: Cleaning out your fridge tonight? For food that's on the edge of going bad, try freezing it to keep it fresh! These tips from…
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ICYMI: @MGMNatlHarbor is sponsoring our Partyvators at #SipsDC this year! Don't miss your chance to check out what they are bringing to the party! https://t.co/BA68JrP6JY https://t.co/3GJdZZRNtq
Founded in 1989 in protest of traditional charity models, the organization uses career training, job creation, and sustainable business practices to strengthen local food systems and reduce disparities in health and economic opportunity. The Kitchen’s life-changing social ventures include providing culinary job training to at-risk adults, turning wasted food into balanced meals for shelters and nonprofits, and serving healthy, scratch-cooked meals in low-income schools.
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#TBT Four years ago, one of our cooks at Nalle Elementary School shared a story about going above and beyond for one of her students. By taking a couple minutes to find out why that student was missing breakfast, Desiree helped find a...

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DC Central Kitchen2 days ago

Our friends at General Mills joined our national arm, The Campus Kitchens Project, at Northwestern University last spring to discuss our work recovering and delivering food, going beyond the meal and developing student leaders.

DC Central Kitchen
The Campus Kitchens Project
The Campus Kitchens Project teams with the General Mills Foundation to prepare healthy meals for the community from perishable food that would otherwise go t...
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DC Central Kitchen4 days ago

These wise words from Martin Luther King, Jr. remind us that we should never lose sight of our dreams, even when faced with difficulties. #wehaveadream

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