Are you looking to volunteer with us?

Visit the Volunteer Page of our website to find information about and to register for volunteer opportunities. For questions about volunteering that were not answered on our website, please email our Volunteer Engagement Specialist.

Are you a student working on a school project?

Our Learn Page outlines our history, mission, and values, and includes information about the core social justice issues our programs address. We require a minimum of two weeks’ notice for any interview requests intended to support a school project.

Please fill out this form if your project requires a visit to DC Central Kitchen or an interview with a staff member.

Would you like a tour of DC Central Kitchen?

Please fill out this form to request a tour of DC Central Kitchen.

Are you looking to request a DC Central Kitchen speaker?

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Do you want to donate food or support our food recovery efforts?

Our greatest needs for food donations are raw protein and produce. These unprepared ingredients give our staff the most flexibility to create healthy, complete meals. Due to the volume of meals we produce and the specific nutritional standards we must follow, we cannot utilize prepared food donations (i.e., catering leftovers).

Please contact our food recovery team to schedule a food donation delivery or pick-up.

We know that food recovery can’t be done alone. For that reason, we are pleased to partner with other like-minded nonprofits who can utilize safe food items that we can’t. If you would like to donate prepared food, please contact Food Rescue US.

Questions about making a donation?

Email our fundraising team at You can also make a direct donation and find additional information on our donate page.

Are you looking to host a fundraiser for DC Central Kitchen?

We work with restaurants, corporate partners, and individuals to help make your efforts a success. Please contact our Events Specialist, Julia Tibor, at with questions.

Are you a member of the media?

Our Media Kit includes links to print-ready photos, the DC Central Kitchen boilerplate and logo. Please contact Director of Communications, Melissa Gold,, for media inquiries.

Are you looking to hire our graduates?

Contact our Workforce Development Specialist, Catherine Nardi, at

For any other questions, please email us.