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>DC Central Kitchen

We develop innovative social ventures to break the cycle of hunger and poverty

Healthy School Food

DC Central Kitchen is the food service provider for 16 schools in Washington, DC. We source ingredients from more than 30 local family farms and every meal is scratch-cooked according to recipes designed by our expert team of chefs and dietitians. We fight hunger differently by providing the high-quality nutrition kids relying on school meals need to learn and grow while sustaining meaningful, living-wage careers for at-risk adults who have completed our Culinary Job Training program.

In addition to providing meals, we offer engaging cooking demonstrations, taste tests, and nutrition education lessons for the students and staff at the schools we serve.

October 2019 Menus
Staff Meals

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2015 golden carrot award winner

Our Healthy School Food venture was awarded the prestigious Golden Carrot Award from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in 2015 for our exceptional work to improve the healthfulness of school lunches.

Our Impact Last Year

3,600 students

chose our fresh, locally-sourced, scratch-cooked meals

Schools icon 2

15 schools

serving low-income school children nutritious meals

Locally sourced at least 50%

of every plate

Contact Information

Ed Kwitowski, Director of School Food Service