Southern Style Meatloaf for the Win at the CJT Class 130 Cookoff!

It was the battle of meatloaves at the Culinary Job Training Class 130’s cookoff on Wednesday. The eleven students were split up into four teams and each came up with a different way to prepare a meatloaf. Team Tastemakers were inspired by their southern background and prepared a southern style meatloaf. Team Taste of DC […]

CJT Class 128 Cookoff: Truffle Mac and Cheese Reigns Supreme

Cookoff winners, Quentin and Dareon, present their dish to the judges. Last Friday, March 18th, Culinary Job Training Class 128 competed in our cheesiest cookoff yet! Split into three teams, this small but mighty class incorporated history, tradition, and creativity into their macaroni and cheese dishes. Students spent the morning collaborating to create their unique […]

Photos: CJT Class 127 Cookoff!

At long last, Culinary Job Training Class 127 competed in their highly anticipated cookoff on Friday, January 21, 2022. Originally postponed due to COVID precautions, this class’s cookoff prompted the students to prepare the best lasagna recipe while incorporating seafood into their meal and preparing a side dish. While Team 2’s kale salad side was […]