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volunteering at the klein center

Join us in the CoBank Volunteer Zone for daily morning shifts starting at 9am and weekday evening shifts from 6 – 8pm. Sign up now via our online Volunteer Portal.


At select Healthy Corners stores, DC Central Kitchen offers a “SNAP Match” coupon program for SNAP/EBT customers. At these stores, customers receive a $5 coupon for free fruits and vegetables every time they spend $5+ using their SNAP/EBT card. The SNAP/EBT purchase must contain at least 1 fresh or frozen fruit or vegetable.

If a store offers SNAP Matching, shoppers who purchase fresh or frozen product with SNAP/EBT can get more fresh or frozen produce for free. To earn a $5 coupon for fresh or frozen product, spend at least $5 with SNAP/EBT at a participating store and include at least 1 item of fresh or frozen produce in your purchase.

You will earn 1 coupon per qualifying transaction.

Each coupon is for $5 of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Any fresh produce item or frozen fruits and vegetables without added sugar, seasoning, or oil. You cannot buy canned fruits or vegetables with your coupons.

Yes. Please use your coupons by the expiration date in the top right corner of your coupon.

You can use your coupons at the store where you received them, or at any store listed on the coupon. Please request any new fruits or vegetables with the store manager.

No change is given, so please spend the full $5 at once.

The coupons come from DC Central Kitchen’s Healthy Corners program, with funding from the USDA and DC Health.


Through a partnership with DC Central Kitchen and DC WIC, select Healthy Corners stores are now DC WIC authorized vendors.  At these stores, WIC participants can shop for and redeem their DC WIC benefits just as they would at the grocery store. The DC WIC authorized Healthy Corners stores carry the same WIC-required items the grocery stores carry.

WIC stands for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. WIC is a federal food assistance and nutrition education program for eligible women, infants, and children. WIC participants receive benefits to purchase a variety of healthy foods every month, tailored for them by WIC nutritionists.

Pregnant women, new mothers, or infants and children under 5 years old may be eligible for WIC. Fathers, guardians, and grandparents can also enroll their children in WIC. If you think you or your child(ren) might be eligible, use the WIC pre-screening tool to find out more.

Apply for WIC by contacting your local WIC clinic or calling (202) 442-9397.

On the app, find WIC authorized vendors through the app by selecting the WIC filter when searching for Healthy Corner stores.

Don’t have the app yet? Search for “Healthy Corners” in the app store to download the Healthy Corners app. Once it is downloaded, search for stores by the benefits they accept.

The Healthy Corners stores that accept DC WIC are also on the authorized store locations list found on the DC WIC website

In July 2022, DC WIC fully transitioned to eWIC. Learn more about what this means for WIC participants and how to use your benefits at participating stores here.

Yes, we are working closely with the DC WIC State Agency to help more Healthy Corners stores become WIC authorized vendors.

Yes, just like larger WIC authorized vendors, Healthy Corners stores accept eWIC.

DC Central Kitchen’s Healthy Corners program works closely with DC Health’s WIC State Agency, with funding from the USDA.