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VIDEO: Help US Empower More Leaders like Gregory

Meet Gregory. Gregory enrolled in our Culinary Job Training program in April after completing a 40-year prison sentence. “I have been through some places and things that a lot of people wouldn’t want to go through. I was just released from prison last July, and I really didn’t think I could get this far, but DC Central Kitchen showed me I was wrong. They changed my mind about how I can live my life and the opportunities I have around me.” That’s what it means to deliver hope.  

Today, Gregory has a full-time job with comprehensive health and retirement benefits here at DC Central Kitchen, and he’s a model for how to embrace change at any age. With a growing number of young adults turning to our culinary program as a positive alternative to the risks and dangers of the streets, Gregory’s mentorship and example is showing young people a different path. “DC Central Kitchen gives a person an opportunity to change their life and learn about themselves. If you know yourself, you know what you can do and you know how far you can go,” says Gregory.  

Isn’t this the type of win we want to see in our community every day? Help us empower more role models like Gregory today and have your gift matched.