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DCCK Volunteering Is Off to a Roaring Re-Start

It’s National Volunteer Month! What better time to re-launch our indoor volunteer program? We welcomed our first shift of volunteers at our new headquarters at the Michael R. Klein Center for Jobs & Justice on April 1st, and it’s been invigorating to see so many new and familiar faces join us since!

Thanks to a generous $2 million donation from CoBank, our volunteers now have a dedicated, expansive space, the CoBank Volunteer Zone, in the heart of the Klein Center!

Since the CoBank Volunteer Zone’s launch earlier this month, we have already hosted over 450 volunteers!

“We are so excited to finally have volunteers coming into our new volunteer space to give back and support our mission,” Joy, our Director of Guest experiences shared. “The volunteers bring the energy here because they are just as excited as us about helping the DC communities and supporting local farm produce.”

Volunteers are paired with DCCK staff members and our Culinary Job Training students to prepare produce that goes into the thousands of fresh meals we deliver to partner schools, shelters, and non-profits every single day.

Interested in joining our valued network of DCCK volunteers? Sign up for available shifts here.