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Grand Opening: DC Central Kitchen Celebrates Cafe Day

It is Spring in DC and a new Social Enterprise Cafe has bloomed in Buzzard Point! On March 31st, we unveiled our third Cafe at our new facility, the Michael R. Klein Center for Jobs and Justice. Like the other two Cafes, our new cafe features fresh coffee, fresh sandwiches and salads, healthy snacks, soft serve and even a to-go window for quick orders.

“I’ve been sort of dreaming about this moment for 12 years, and now that I’m here I’m not sure what to say,” said Mike Curtin. ” Thank you so much for coming and being here today at the opening of our third Social enterprise DC Central Kitchen Cafe at the Michael Klein Center for Jobs and Justice!”

To commemorate the day, we also held community events in the afternoon at the DC Central Kitchen Cafe at the Town Hall Arts Education Recreation Center (THEARC) and Marianne’s by DC Central Kitchen at the Martin Luther King Library. At THEARC, our CEO Mike Curtin presented the team from Building Bridges Across the River with a Certificate of Appreciation to thank the establishment for a wonderful partnership over the past four years. At Marianne’s Cafe, we celebrated our first anniversary of the Cafe opening in the MLK library by presenting a plaque to the family of our late Workforce Development Director Marianne Ali, after whom the Cafe is named.

“DC Central Kitchen isn’t a social service provider doing nice, good things’,” said Mike Curtin. “We are an economic driver and a huge force in this city’s not only present and immediate future, but long-term sustainable, health, growth and future well-being for everyone.”