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Media Hit: DC Central Kitchen Tops 1 Million Healthy Corners Meals

WTOP spotlighted our Healthy Corners program, which just celebrated selling 1 million units of healthy fresh food since the beginning of the pandemic.

During the pandemic, food insecurity was at an all-time high across the District. Neighborhoods already struggling with too few grocery stores now faced additional barriers to securing healthy, fresh foods, while at the same time small, local farmers were finding it difficult to get their produce into the right hands. Our Healthy Corners program became a lifeline, empowering 53 small retailers to stock and sell the nutritious foods residents wanted and needed. Through our strategic partnerships with local farms and wholesale distribution partners, we were also able to source directly from hard-hit local farmers to sustain their operations and prevent crop waste with more than $3.4 million invested in local farmers.

A link to the full story can be found here.