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The Washington Business Journal Recognizes DCCK Leader Mike Curtin As D.C.’s Non-profit CEO of the Year

Olivia Shaffett

On December 9th, the Washington Business Journal named DCCK CEO Mike Curtin D.C.’s Non-profit CEO of the year. After over a decade of leading our organization, Mike is being recognized for his commitment to ending hunger across the District, solving social inequities, and expanding DC Central Kitchen’s operations with The Klein Center, our new 36,000 square foot home on Buzzard Point.

Read Mike’s full profile here to learn more about what keeps him motivated, the people who keep him grounded, and the work he’s looking forward to accomplishing in the future.

As Mike highlighted in his acceptance speech at the CEO of the Year Awards, he is continuously inspired by the courage and stamina of DCCK staff. Recalling the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, he remarked, “Not once during that time did anyone of those people hang their heads or wring their hands or ask ‘Why me?’ Instead, they recognized the incredible importance of the job they had to do and they did it. And they did it courageously, and they did it professionally, and they did it with dignity, and they did it with love. I do know that when the history of this time is written, the men and women of DC Central Kitchen will accurately and rightly be portrayed as heroes.” Find Mike’s full acceptance speech here.