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Photos: Lean, Mean Green Beans at Fresh Feature Friday!

“Tastes like my grandma’s!”

“I like all three!”

“This tastes like Popeyes!”

These are just some of the reviews by the students at Thomas and Drew Elementary Schools during January’s Fresh Feature Friday event on January 28, 2022. This month the Healthy School Foods team came up with three different green bean recipes for the students to taste test.

Between the Zesty Green Beans, Stir-Fry Green Beans and the Green Bean Salad, the students at both elementary schools voted the Zesty recipe as their favorite!

Fresh Feature Friday is designed to give the students a say in their meals. The winning recipe will be implemented into next month’s lunch menu. It’s also a great way for our Healthy School Food team to connect directly with the students to see how we can get them the nutrition they need and get kids excited about healthy eating.


Looking for more fun ways to prepare vegetables? Try our zesty green bean recipe at home!