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Photos: Swapping Chef Jackets for Blazers at Suited for Change

Chef Mimi helps Ivy of CJT Class 126 adjust her suit and tie while at a Suited for Change fitting on Friday, November 12, 2021.

The women of CJT Class 126 swapped their chef jackets for interview outfits on Friday, November 11. Instead of spending the day learning knife cuts or a new recipe at THEARC kitchen, the students took a visit to Suited for Change to get prepared for their upcoming interviews as they begin the internship portion of the program.

DC Central Kitchen has been bringing students to Suited for Change for the last few decades. The relationship between the two non-profits is so old that no one really knows when the partnership first began.

Each student was paired with a volunteer stylist that helped them find shoes, purses, accessories, and two full outfits that matched their personal style. From dresses, to blazers, to suit and ties, the women left with clothes that will give them the confidence to ace their next interview and secure the job!