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It’s a Victory for the Jolly Green Giant at Cedar Tree Academy

Cedar Tree Academy students pose with Mr. Broccoli at the Real Food For Kids Chef Exchange tasting event on Thursday October 14, 2021.

After a competitive round of voting, the students of Cedar Tree Academy ultimately voted for “Jolly Green Giant” to be the official name of the mystery green drink.

The banana and apple based green smoothie was one of three dishes prepared for the students as part of the Real Food For Kids’ Chef Exchange program. The program pairs local chefs with school nutrition teams to share best practices and collaborate on healthy, plant-based dishes that can be incorporated into their school lunch rotation. Tim Ma (Lucky Danger) and Ben Lin (B.Lin Catering) spent part of last week in the small kitchen at Cedar Tree Academy collaborating with our Healthy School Food team to craft three new recipes for the students to taste-test.

During the VIP tasting, students were invited to rank each of the three dishes on their Tasting Ballot sheets and took turns on the microphone sharing their impressions with the adults in the tent. Collectively, the group gave rave reviews to a salad with oranges, carrots and a “perfect pear dressing,” but were a bit more dubious about the Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Soup. The yet-to-be-named “Green Drink” was definitely the crowd favorite! After a rousing round of voting, The Jolly Green Giant eked out the win among four possible names, which included The Cedar Tree Smoothie, The Green Goblin, and The Hulk Slush. The event was a great way for students to try new foods while letting their voices be heard.

Collaborations with programs like Real Food for Kids help us further our mission to educate young palates and expose them to a healthier diet rich with fresh fruits and vegetables.