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A new fusion bar

Our Healthy School Food team is always working on coming up with new, dynamic recipes to serve at 12 public schools and 2 mission-driven private schools in DC. We take pride in serving locally sourced, healthy and tasty meals every day. In an effort to make sure that we are serving meals that the students enjoy, we conduct satisfaction surveys twice a year. Our last survey conducted in May 2018 showed that student satisfaction had hit a new high at 98%, up from 94% in November 2017.

This fall, we are introducing a new lunch option at Ron Brown College Preparatory High School – the fusion bar! As with all our menu development efforts, we used student taste tests to refine and perfect this newest concept. Student feedback helped us create four new healthy ‘fusion bowls’ featuring grains, proteins, and fresh vegetables reflecting an array of culinary traditions from around the world.

The students at Ron Brown loved the new fusion bar and are excited to have the additional lunch options. The new bar will be implemented exclusively at Ron Brown in November, but we will use this recipe development and the feedback we received to add new menu items for lunch and salad bar menus at other schools as well.