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Meet Linda: A DC Central Kitchen graduate story

Almost two decades ago, Linda was living in a shelter and relying on meals from DC Central Kitchen when she decided to enroll in our Culinary Job Training program. After she graduated in 2000, she worked in the hotel industry here in DC, but when we expanded our operations and started hiring for our Healthy School Food program eight years later, she came back to DC Central Kitchen, this time as an employee.

Today, Linda is a Production Manager for DC Central Kitchen at Kelly Miller Middle School. She oversees a team of 13 employees serving up nutritious meals. She’s reunified her family, and is a proud grandma to eight grandchildren. Today, hundreds of parents count on her to feed their children each day.

At DC Central Kitchen, we’re providing pathways out of hunger and poverty – all through the power of a job. You can empower more people like Linda to change their lives for the better. Please consider donating to DC Central Kitchen today.