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Healthy Corners ad campaign launches in Ward 8

With five social ventures responsible for serving more than 3 million meals and employing 177 people, it isn’t always easy to stay on top of what DC Central Kitchen is doing, even if we’re in your neighborhood. To make sure residents of Ward 8 knew about the dozens of fresh, healthy, and local items we’re delivering to neighborhood corner stores we launched an advertising campaign promoting our Healthy Corners social venture. We’re committed to providing fresh food at fair prices in communities without easy access to grocery stores, and all proceeds go right back into employing graduates of our culinary training program and bringing more healthy food to where it’s most needed.

With support from our amazing partners at the DC Department of Health, DC Central Kitchen designed and produced multiple large-scale print advertisements across Metrorail and Metrobus platforms in DC. The campaign will run through the month, so be sure to keep an eye out for one of our eye-catching ‘fresh food, fair prices’ ads at a bus stop, or on a bus or train near you! And of course, please patronize any of our 65 partner corner stores to shop for nutritious, affordable Healthy Corners products and support DC Central Kitchen.