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DCCK receives record-breaking 100,000 pounds of donated protein

In the last two months of 2016, DCCK received more than 100,000 pounds of donated protein, from sliced tuna to whole turkeys to chicken leg quarters, and venison – more than double the amount we received in the same two month period a year prior.  These donations will help us not only prepare healthy meals for our partner agencies today, but the significant volume means we can freeze and store much of the product to be used throughout the year to come.

Even though protein is important for a well-balanced diet, these donations are the hardest to obtain.

“Protein plays a vital role in the diet by acting as the building blocks for our cells, allowing us to grow, develop and heal,” says Katie Nash, DC Central Kitchen’s senior dietitian.

Nash emphasizes the importance of these donations and adds: “Having lean protein options, such as chicken, turkey, venison and tuna, to incorporate into our meals ensures our clients will receive nutritious, well-balanced meals that allow them to feel full and satisfied for longer periods of time.”

Our work to combat hunger can’t be done alone. It is a continuous collaboration with our food donation partners whose support of DC Central Kitchen is key to tackling huger in our nation’s capital.

Longtime DCCK supporter Tyson Foods donated over 34,000 pounds of chicken in December alone. Other food donors this fall included Cuisine Solutions, Reagan National Airport’s food service provider OTG Management, Butterball, Prime, All Saints Parish, Giant, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Capital Grille, Marriot Marquis, Nate Pope, The National Park Service, and Blue Circle Foods.

Blue Circle Foods contributed 25,000 pounds of excellent grade tuna in December. Director of Logistics, Ezra Damato’s, relationship with DC Central Kitchen started early, when he volunteered with us in our kitchen as a child. Damato, advised that this recent tuna donation is the largest seafood donation they have made in years.

He adds: “Some of us volunteer during the holidays,” representing the holistic partnership we maintain with our food donors and reinforcing the company’s commitment to their local community.