30 YEARS OF DCCK: Volunteers

As National Volunteer Month comes to a close, we’re reflecting on not only the volunteers who joined us this month, but also the volunteers who have made our work possible over the last 30 years. Annually, more than 16,000 volunteers help us transform wasted food into balanced meals for our community. Some volunteers travel from… Read more »

Introducing Social Return on Investment: the change you create with your dollar

DC Central Kitchen’s founder and longtime leader Robert Egger was known to end conversations with the quip “good business” to indicate how we don’t view our work as charity. Our work is creating stronger, cleaner, safer, more vibrant and more equitable communities.  Our work has tangible, measurable impact. But how do we quantify it? For… Read more »

Meet Cora.

Today, Cora is a certified food safety manager in our nation’s capital, helping prepare hundreds of meals each day for local schools and nonprofits that reflect scratch-cooking techniques and rigorous dietary guidelines. That journey, however, began when she was fourteen years old, learning to cook at her father’s side.  “He was a country cook,” she… Read more »

Meet Ms. Dot.

If you’re following our #30yearsofDCCK stories online, you’ve probably heard about the legendary Dorothy Bell. One of the first DC Central Kitchen culinary graduates to join our staff, Ms. Dot has compiled a lengthy record of accomplishments over her 24-year history with our organization, including surpassing even our founder to become our longest-serving employee. Of… Read more »

Meet Ron.

At DC Central Kitchen, we’re not just creating jobs. We’re creating opportunities for members of our community who have faced serious challenges themselves to become leaders and champions of change. That trajectory isn’t always a direct one, and our newest culinary instructor has found a way to turn his challenges into fuel for a career… Read more »

DC Central Kitchen stands up

In the weeks since the Washington City Paper reported a major cut to our contract providing meals to DC shelters, we have been moved by the incredible outpouring of support from so many members of our community. We’ve also heard a great deal of concern – “What does this change mean for DC Central Kitchen?” –… Read more »