Other Ways To Donate

Monthly donations provide a steady stream of support for our year-round programs. Set up a hassle-free, automated monthly or quarterly donation to DC Central Kitchen using our online donation form.

Recurring donations are automatically charged each month on the day you made your first gift (so if you made your first gift on November 12, your next gift will be charged on December 12). We will send you an annual giving statement for your tax purposes in January of each year. Easily change your gift amount, payment date, or frequency via email at giving@dccentralkitchen.org or phone at 202-847-0222.

Please direct your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) grant to be mailed to DC Central Kitchen’s deposit box. Funds sent to this PO box are deposited immediately, so we can put your donation to work right away. DC Central Kitchen’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) is 52-1584936.

DC Central Kitchen
PO Box 417406
Boston, MA 02241-7406

Donors using Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or BNY Mellon: please use the convenient DAF Direct link to designate a gift to DC Central Kitchen.

DC Central Kitchen accepts gifts of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Donating securities is easy and you receive a two-part benefit of receiving an immediate tax deduction and avoiding capital gains tax. The amount of your gift will be determined by the value on the day it is transferred into DC Central Kitchen’s account.

To make a gift of stock, please contact us for the necessary information to arrange for a transfer of securities into DC Central Kitchen’s brokerage account. Please email giving@dccentralkitchen.org or call 202-847-0222.

Make fighting hunger differently part of your lasting legacy by including DC Central Kitchen in your estate plans. There are many ways to include DC Central Kitchen in your estate plans, including through your will, revocable trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy. Planned gifts can accommodate your lifestyle now while securing a stronger future for DC Central Kitchen. Read more about ways to include DC Central Kitchen in your estate plans.

If you have included DC Central Kitchen in your estate plans, please let us know! We’re eager to recognize your commitment in the Legacy of Change Society. Please email giving@dccentralkitchen.org or call 202-847-0221.


Support DC Central Kitchen through your workplace giving campaign.
United Way #8233
Combined Federal Campaign #67538


Many workplaces will match donations made by employees. Contact your HR department to see if your donation to DC Central Kitchen is eligible for a matching grant.

Note: DC Central Kitchen is not able to accept donations through PayPal or the PayPal Giving Fund. Any donations designated to DC Central Kitchen made through PayPal or the PayPal Giving Fund will be redirected to another nonprofit (see the PayPal Giving Fund’s Donation Delivery Policy).