Donate Food

While we work to prevent food waste and combat hunger in our community, we do not operate as food bank or a soup kitchen. We partner with wholesalers, grocery stores, restaurants, farms, and catering companies to recover food that would otherwise go to waste.

Currently we only accept raw protein and produce donations. These unprepared ingredients give our chefs the most flexibility to create healthy, complete meals.

Please contact to schedule a food donation delivery or pick-up*. In your email, please include:

      First Name:

      Last Name:

      Company/ Organization (if applicable):


      Phone Number:

      Type of raw produce or protein available: 

      Quantity or pounds of food available: 

      Pick up or drop off:

      Pick up address:

      Date and time food is available:

*Please note that we have a pick-up minimum of 100 lbs and pick-ups must be scheduled at least a week in advance.

Please contact us BEFORE dropping off any donation. We will not accept any unexpected donations dropped off at the Klein Center.

Due to the volume of meals we produce and the specific nutritional standards we must follow, we cannot utilize prepared food donations (i.e. catering leftovers).

If you would like to donate prepared food or don’t meet our other requirements for food donations, please contact Food Rescue US – DC.