Be a food waste fighter

Wasting food is more than a shame. It’s a crisis. In the United States, we throw away 40 percent of our food supply each year, even though 49 million Americans don’t have enough to eat. Since 1989, DC Central Kitchen has been a pioneer in the fight against food waste. We don’t just pick up… Read more »

A healthy milestone for Pi Day

At DC Central Kitchen we’re operating innovative programs that fight poverty, hunger, and poor health 365 days a year. Though our work is constant, we’re always striving to do more. In fact, as of Pi Day (March 14, or 3.14) 2016, our Community Outreach team has conducted 314 nutrition education events for our community since January 2015! While many people in our… Read more »

DCCK grad featured in nationwide micro-documentary project!

  DCCK grad and current staff member Billy Johnson is featured in the recently launched ‘Re: Dream‘ digital video series. The nationwide project will include 40 micro-documentaries from PBS member stations in five cities, including Washington, DC. Billy was interviewed this past fall by WETA, the local PBS affiliate, for the piece in which he speaks openly… Read more »

DCCK hosts ‘Breakfast Fest’ for students and parents during National School Breakfast Week

In recognition of National School Breakfast Week, DC Central Kitchen today held a “Breakfast Fest” for students and parents at the 8 DC Public Schools where DC Central Kitchen is the food service provider. Parents were invited to join their children for a free, healthy breakfast meal consisting of whole grain waffle sticks with all… Read more »

DCCK teams up with Playworks to bring healthy living to more DC youth

DC Central Kitchen has provided nutrition education and healthy food in DC’s food deserts and low-income schools for years, but we know that a truly healthy lifestyle isn’t just about knowledge of and access to healthy food. A healthy lifestyle must involve physical activity and education, too. That’s why we’ve recently partnered with the DC… Read more »