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State Department’s new diplomat chefs visit DC Central Kitchen

, September 7th, 2012

Reema Tarik Al Mokhtar from Saudi Arabia and Mamy Harijaona Andriamparany from Madagascar are just two of the 20+ State Chefs that visited the Kitchen today on a U.S. State Department Culinary Diplomacy exchange through the International Visitor Leadership Program. We’re excited to host these diplomat chefs as they prepared chicken tortilla stew with a garden salad for our over 100 different partner agencies. DC Central Kitchen was the first stop on their national tour.

The diplomat chefs not only got a chance to work in the Kitchen producing 5,000 meals, but also had a blast working with our staff and culinary job training students.

The international chefs are here on an exchange and will attend the kickoff of the Diplomatic Culinary Partnership. The mission of this Diplomatic Culinary Partnership is to to use food as a diplomatic tool. There was a recent Washington Post story on the American Chef Corps, featuring our own Chef Rock Harper.

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