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Robert Egger Tribute Highlights

, January 9th, 2013


On Monday, we brought together over 300 friends at The Hamilton Live to say goodbye to DC Central Kitchen Founder Robert Egger as he leaves DC to start L.A. Kitchen. Among the night’s highlights, Robert was presented the first ever $1 million dollar grant from the AARP Foundation to start his work in L.A. and January 20th was proclaimed “Robert Egger Day” by the DC Council. Our speakers gave him a tremendous send off. Here are some quotes from that night:

Dan Glickman named Robert “one of the great humanitarian entrepreneurs.” Glickman also cited the Talmud teaching that “whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved the entire world.” By that measure, Glickman figured, “Robert Egger has saved the world over and over and over again.”

Barton Seaver thanked Robert for “teaching a generation of chefs that the act of feeding is an act of principle and an act of honor.”

Brendan Canty, on Robert’s ‘punk rock attitude,’ cited Robert’s ability to “talk to everybody at DC Central Kitchen but never talk down to anybody. That’s punk rock.”

Christoph Green on the Kitchen’s job training program: “The commitment the CJT staff put into their work,” he said, “was unlike anything I’d seen in my life. That comes from Robert. To him, every single person is valued and important.”

Jose Andres: “Thanks to your teaching and your example, I know what my destiny is.” Also: “DC Central Kitchen is the greatest melting pot restaurant in the history of mankind.”

Maxine Baker of the AARP Foundation on the foundation’s biggest single gift in its history: a $1 million contribution to LA Kitchen: “Aren’t you glad you answered my call, Robert?”

Egger himself: “I get way too much credit. I am only a reflection of this amazing city.” Also, on the kitchen’s model and success, “It was all here. All I did was move the pieces around a little bit.”

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